Project Description

Doodle Jump Adventures & Doodle Jump Journey

Doodle Jump on your Nintendo DS and 3DS!

Wait no more! GameMill Entertainment brings two new entries in the Doodle Jump universe onto Nintendo handheld gaming systems for the very first time. Developed by Smoking Gun Interactive, Doodle Jump Adventures for the Nintendo 3DS™ handheld system and Doodle Jump Journey for the Nintendo DS™ handheld system bring the award-winning design, gameplay and charming creativity of Lima Sky’s mobile gaming sensation – the #3 top paid iPhone app of all time – to fresh, new audiences.

Doodle Jump Adventures introduces an exciting new Adventure Mode to the series, featuring 48 levels, incredible power-ups and challenging boss fights. It also includes the traditional Endless Mode that first made the Doodler a success with fans of all ages. Doodle Jump Journey stars Endless Mode, along with three favorite themes: Classic, Jungle and Space.

PLATFORMS / Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS

DEVELOPER / Smoking Gun Interactive