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Product Info
Release Date: October 12, 2010
Developer: Black Lantern Studios

Meet the Wild Bunch!

TAG you’re it! Race through the wondrous ZHUniverse in a giant game of tag! Explore the vast world of the Zhu Zhu Pets Wild Bunch by using vehicles, collecting goodies and power-ups and playing with your Zhu Zhu friends. Run, dash, jump, skate, ski, drive and surf through the neighborhood and woods to visit other Zhu Zhu Pets during your journey! Speed through the levels, or stop and visit your Zhu Zhu Pets friends to see what they’re up to!


  • 10+ authentic Zhu Zhu Pets: play with your old favorites like Chunk or Mr. Scoodles, or choose one of the 17 new Zhu Zhu Pets!
  • Nurture your Zhu Zhu Pet: keep your Zhu Zhu happy by feeding them, giving them water, brushing them, taking them to movies and more
  • Nintendo DSi Bonus levels with special camera features designed specifically for the Nintendo DSi.
  • 35 levels for hours of enjoyment

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    Normal DS or Limited Edition
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