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Release Date: Oct 23, 2007
Developer: Activision

Digital Dog-Raising!

Dog-raising goes digital with Puppy Luv, where you raise and train puppies right on your Nintendo Wii. There are five different breeds to choose from, and all sorts of activities to share with your new pal, from the neccessities of feeding and grooming to taking walks and playing Frisbee together. Travel all over your neighborhood, from your own backyard to the local park. You can teach your virtual pet ten different tricks, as well as treat him to new toys, doghouses or even trees and shrubs to customize his yard. Players can also enter dogs in six different competitions to earn money for such items as food bowls, collars, and other fun accessories. Bring home a great pet, with none of the mess!


  • Single Player
  • 12 unique tricks using the motion sensitive controls of the Nintendo Wii
  • 8 areas filled with puppy activities
  • Brush and give your puppy a bath
  • Over 27,000 costume variations

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    Your Digital Dog

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